The Voice Framework For Personal Storytelling

The Voice Framework For Personal Storytelling

Build An Effective Personal Brand With The VOICE Framework For Personal Storytelling

“I don’t know what to tell about myself to leave an impact.”

I often hear young professionals and entrepreneurs(beginners). Personal Branding is an enigma and seems daunting, more so because of the one thousand and one hundred fifty six things we read about what it takes to leave a mark on different social media platforms.

While, I align with the experts who have their ‘101 How to Lists’ about each of the different social media platforms, this is for the ones who are looking for the foundational principles that help them get a grip of their Personal Stories without getting overwhelmed.

As long as you have conginizance of the foundational tit-bits of your story, irrespective of the platform, you will be successful in comunicating your personal story and professional journey to your audience.

For starters use this VOICE Framework to tell your Personal Story.

How Does The VOICE Framework For Personal Storytelling Help Build Up Your Personal Brand


You can’t really create a unique personal brand by getting run of the mill, cookie cutter content online in your name. Your content ought to be algined with your value system. What do you believe in, what flips your switch.


you have to know that a miniscule difference in the sequence of cells in a DNA makes for enough difference to make each individual unique from the other. Likewise, a miniscule difference of experience, pereption, observation and narration will make your story unique. So have the confidence and fearlessly narrate your story to the world.


Influencing is much beyond telling people what to do. Use the above reference points to find the area where you are able to effectively influence your target audience. They say that if you can push one sole soul into being a happier person or push them into desired action, your job as an influencer is done.


Just saying that you did this, you did that, means nothing when you wish to establish your autheticity. To tell a story that everybody will believe, you must have enough body of work to establish your authority in the area.


These days. we mostly use the word engagement in the context of social media content. But for you as a personal brand, engagement has a whole different meaning. There are various ways how you may engage with your target audience.

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