Anupriya’s tryst with Storytelling began in 2009, when she found herself immersed in stories of candidates she interviewed for jobs in her employer organisation. She was fascinated by how some professionals were able to create a connect instantaneously, while others just failed to articulate anything about their life that led them to that point.

Life moved and she manifested her dream of writing a romantic novella. This was followed by more books, short stories and blog posts. The grind of writing and self editing gave her insights about the art & craft of storytelling.

Slowly she came to believe the framework that authors use to write fiction could be used by individuals to communicate effectively while addressing their interviewers, investors, teams or any other form of audience. Thus began her quest to study, observe and decode the storytelling framework for professionals and entrepreneurs. Anupriya has decoded the art & craft of storytelling and mastered the skill of leveraging stories for Personal Branding, Career Growth, Leadership Influence, Change & Transformation and much more.

Personal Storytelling