Are you planning to write a Book? Start with WHY

“Why do you wish to write a book?”
is more often than not met with,
“I feel I could help people with my ideas.”

And then I go on to the difficult part,

“The question, ‘Why do you want to write a book?’ has 2 parts to it – One, How writing a book will help you? and second, How your book will help your target readers?”

Why I want to write a book has several answers –
1. To establish my subject matter expertise
2. To create a colateral for my Personal Brand
3. To create a stream of revenue
4. To check an item on my bucket list

But why your target readers will read your book has just one answer.
“There is a solution to my problem in this book.”

‘Start with WHY’.
Bring both the WHYs in congruence and you will see your author journey half sorted.

Personal Branding

The more important question – ‘Why would my target reader read my book?’


If you are writing a non-fiction book, your target reader will read your book only if you make sure that you have an answer to their quest; or a solution to their problem. 

How to find if your Book Idea has a solution to your Target Readers Quest

Elaborate on the WHY they need a solution. How they can execute the solution and WHAT will they achieve by executing the solution!!!

IIt’s just that SIMPLE… Or maybe not. To know how you can ensure if you are answering the questions right book an appointment and write to me. 

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